My Daily Life Essay

My Daily Life

My Daily Life Essay:

Activities in the morning: Daily life means a routined life. So I try my best to follow my daily routine. It is my habit to get up early in the morning. I brush my teeth, wash my hands, face and take my ablution and say my Fazar prayer. Then I go out for a walk in the open air for about half an hour and come back home again. Once again I wash my hands, feet and face. After that I take my breakfast and sit at my reading table. I read for three hours at stretch. Nobody is allowed to enter my room during this time. I make my lessons attentively.

Activities in the college: After finishing my regular lessons, I take my bath and meal. Then I start for my college at 10 a. m. because our college sits at 10-30 a.m. I always sit in the first bench and listen to what my teachers say. I take down the important notes. In the off period I do not move here and there. Rather I go to the common room and refresh myself by taking part in indoor and outdoor games. At tiffin period I take my tiffin and say my Zohor prayer.

In the afternoon: Our college breaks up at 4 p.m. Then I come back to my home straight. I do not spend time with bad boys on the way. Returning home, I wash my face, teeth, hands and feet very well and have my meal. I say my Asar prayer. After taking a little rest, I go to the play ground. I play football or other outdoor
games with my class mates. Before the sun set I return to my home.

In the evening: Returning home, I take my ablution and say my Magrib prayer. Then I sat at my reading table and prepare my lessons till 10 p.m. After that I say my Esha prayer. I take my supper. Normally I go to bed at 11 p.m. Besides this I read the daily newspapers and weeklies. I enjoy television. I maintain my dairy.
This is my daily routine. But there are minor changes. On Friday I go to different places to remove the monotony. So during long vacation and holidays I go to the house of my relatives. I also take part in social work.

Conclusion: A routined life is a must for everybody to reach the goal of life.Without following a routined life none can hope to march in life. So everyone should have a daily life and follow it strictly.


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