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What Is Paragraph?

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What Is Paragraph?

A paragraph is a group of related sentences which deal with a central idea.A paragraph only contains central idea.If there are many central idea that’s not called paragraph.A proper paragraph have three parts.

1.Topics sentence

**Topics sentence: Generally a paragraph start with topics sentence. Paragraph’s main View a attitude described on this part.

**The body of the paragraph: In this part described the Evidence and Explained of the topics sentence.This is why this part must be related to the topics sentence.

**Conclusion: Every ideal paragraph must need a nice conclusion.In this part mainly described the alternative summary of the topic sentence

There are many topics for write a paragraph.They are

A.List paragraph
B.Example paragraph
C.Comparison paragraph

(There are two of Comparison paragraph. a.The comparison & b.The contrast paragraph)
D.Definition paragraph
E.The causes and effect paragraph
F.Paragraph of space order

There are four types of paragraph
1.Descriptive paragraph: This type of paragraph described about person & abstract topics.
2.Narrative paragraph: This type of paragraph described about story topics.
3.Expository paragraph: This type of paragraph described about thoughtful topics.
4.Persuasive paragraph: This type of paragraph described about Argument,Contention and Philosophical topics.

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