A Village Fair Paragraph

A Village Fair Paragraph

A Village Fair Paragraph: A village fair is an occasion of the village people to enjoy a public gathering. It is one of the most important events for the villagers in a year.

The fair is held on a specific occasion including Pahela Baishak, Chaittro Sangkranti, Durga Puja or birthday of a famous writer etc.

The village fair is organized by village committee. The committee organizes the fair at an open field. Hundreds of stalls and make-shift shops of various items are installed at the fair.

Children wait for a long time for the fair. They count down the days and make a list of buying goods from the fair. Different forms of entertainments including circus show, mock fight, magic show, jatra, puppet show amuse the villagers.

Men, women and children of all ages gather and buy many fancy things for their household purposes. They also arrange for a family get-together and invite their relatives centering the event. Undoubtedly, the fair brings immense pleasure to the villagers and gives them relaxed moments from the everyday’s toilsome life. But some evil practices including gambling in the fair must be discouraged.

Alternative Village Fair Paragraph:

A village fair is a great event in the life of the villagers. In some villages, it is held on particular festive occasions like the Pahela Baishak, religious event etc. It gathers on fixed sites. Such fairs take more or less the turn of a “Bazar”.

The “Paush-mela” is also a very important village fair. A village fair is also held to commemorate the death of a saint or an ascetic person of the village. However, the day of the fair s a day of great rejoicing.

Traders from different places come to the fair and set up their temporary shops. They colorfully decorate their shops and put on display their articles to sell. There are relatively cheap fancy goods that attract the young boys and girls most.

Other things that lure the children are muri, binni, khoi and verities of candies and sweet meats. The women get their earthen utensils and wooden equipment bought from the fair. The village fair is also a place of joy and fun for the villagers. Magicians, circus parties and opera bands also put up their tents in a village fair and add to the joy and delight of the people. Everybody waits for this annual event with great hope and attends it with profound pleasures.

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