Best Friend Paragraph

Best Friend Paragraph

Best Friend paragraph: My best friend plays a vital role in my life. I love him from the core of my heart. Man, who likes to live in the society, feels eagerly to have friends.

Man is generally called a social being. Man can’t go without friends because of the facts that a friend is a great support to a man in his life. It is admitted by all that friendship is a bond, a fellow-feeling between man and man.

As man can not live alone, he has to share his thoughts, feelings and emotions with others. So, he needs friend.

I have some friends. But one of them is my favorite and bosom friend. His name is DK Palash. He has been by friend since my childhood.

I can confide my personal feeling to him and feel greatly eased. He is very painstaking, co-operative and straightforward. During my hours of distress and despair, he cheers me up with his optimism and good sense of humor.

When i am wrong, he tries to rectify me with his constructive criticism and when i am lazy, he never hesitates to chide me. So, his company is a divine bliss to me. after all, I love my best friend very much.

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