Computer Paragraph

Computer Paragraph

Computer Paragraph: Computer is a fairly recent invention. There is no doubt that it is a boon to human civilization. It has become an inseparable part of modern life.

Computer is an electronic device which performs mathematical calculations, stores large masses of information and supplies them in time of need.  Charles Babbage was the first inventor of modern computer. Then Professor Howard Akin gave it a revised and modern shape.

Now it performs complicated problems, diagnoses diseases, performs complicated medical operations, runs business and so on. Computer is now widely used in industries. Every literate person should have a basic knowledge on computer.

Electronic computers are of two basic types. One Analog and other is Digital. Analog computers deal with physical qualities. On the other hand, Digital computers deal with numbers. The Analog computers measure, while Digital computers count.

Computer can be classified according to their functions.

  1. Special purpose computers
  2. General purpose computers.

Computer is now used in all sectors of life. It is widely used in the field of space administration, telecommunication, air traffic control, navigation of ships. In fact, computer is doing a great job by substituting human brain and preventing misuse of time and energy.

Despite its multilateral uses, computer is not without any bad impact. As an example, some students get too much obsessed with computer and its different functions, they hamper their studies.

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