Drug Addiction Paragraph

Drug Addiction Paragraph

Paragraph On Drug Addiction: Taking an excess of drug for no physical disease to get rid of frustration is called drug addiction. Addiction to drug has now become one of the greatest problems of the world.  This curse has spread in our country also. Young people who keep bad company may be addicted.

There are mainly two reasons behind it. First one is young people are more curious. So, whatever they see harmful or useful, they are the first to taste. And another cause of taking drug is frustration. When there is no hope left for the young, they become addicted to drug.

Unemployment, political anarchy, lack of family ties, lack of love and affection etc. give rise to frustration and lead a man to be drug addicted.

The after effects of drug addiction are terrible. It gives rise to various social problems. Drugs are very expensive. When the drug addicts are unable to afford to buy drugs, they commit social crimes like hijacking, stealing, robbery etc.

Drugs tell upon the human body terribly. They kill slowly but surely. Drug addicts feel drowsy, lose their appetite and remain in sleep. Their brains are damaged to meet death. To save our young generation from the claw of drug addiction, production and trafficking of drugs should be controlled.

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