Earthquake Paragraph

Earthquake Paragraph

Earthquake Paragraph: An earthquake is a familiar natural calamity. Earthquake occurs frequently because of the movement of the tectonic plates of the earth.

The sudden shock sets up vibrations in the earth. These vibrations take the form of waves within the earth. The focus of the earthquake is the place where these vibrations originate. The point on the earth’s surface which is vertically above the focus is called the epicenter. If the focus is nearer the earth’s surface, the effects of the earthquake become greater.

Powerful earthquakes collapse most of the infrastructures on the surface of the earth. Hundreds of people lose their lives within seconds.

We cannot prevent earthquake, but we can minimize the damages of earthquake. We have to follow the earthquake resistant building code strictly to minimize the loss. Above all, we have to create awareness about earthquake and be prepared to face the destruction caused by it.

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