Empowerment Of Women Essay

Empowerment Of Women Essay

Empowerment of women Essay: The empowerment of women is an important aspect in the concept of both global and national development. Women’s contributions are indispensable for socio-economic development. Empowerment of women includes the feminine rights and state recognition of women by making them self-reliant and decision maker in all inclusive aspects. In facts, empowerment of women is an inseparable factor which should be guaranteed in all levels of state administration.

To face gender discrimination, indifference to women’s fundamental rights and constitutional equity with males, Bangladesh government formed women Rehabilitation Board. In 1928 Women Affairs Ministry was formed to monitor the government steps relating to empowerment of women.

There are a lot of hindrances against women empowerment and women development. Women are compelled to work at low wages in agriculture or other non-recognized sectors. Although there has been a lot of thinking and planning for women empowerment both in government and non-government level, materialization of them is far from being satisfactory.

The preconditions for empowerment of women are:
a. to change their social status and financial condition.
b. to make them participate in decision-making affairs.

There should be no disparity between men and women in the name of religion or creed or place of birth. For women development and empowerment, our government has founded Women Rehabilitation Board, Rehabilitation and Welfare Women and Children Affairs Ministry. Besides, the role of women representative in local bodies and state politics is ensured to accelerate the process of empowerment of women in Bangladesh. The reservation of 15% seats for women in the parliament has been made. This provision in the constitution will enhance the role of women in rural areas.

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