Illiteracy Essay


Introduction: Illiteracy means inability to read and write. Illiteracy is a curse because it is illiteracy that lowers down human being to the level of beast. Illiteracy is compared to darkness because it darkens individual’s vision, outlook, behavior and in a word, all aspect of life. It is the root cause of ignorance, superstition, backwardness, poverty and many more.

Causes Of Illiteracy: Poverty is the main cause of illiteracy and vice versa. Similarly, underdevelopment causes illiteracy as much the same way illiteracy is the cause of underdevelopment.There are other causes too. Over population, financial and resource constraints. people’s superstition and negative attitude about education, lack of awareness etc are responsible for illiteracy.

Bad Effect Of Illiteracy: Illiteracy generates hundreds of problems. Because of illiteracy, people don’t know how to earn well and how to spend well. As a result they can not come out of their poverty trap. Many do not have knowledge about food and nutrition. So they suffer from various kinds of diseases. In a word, illiteracy is the cause of poor socio-economic condition, high mortality rate, low life expectancy ,child-labor and child marriage and high growth rate of population.

Illiteracy And Development: Illiteracy frustrates all developmental programmes of the government. Again, in order to improve the poor condition of the illiterate people, government has to spend a huge some of money on different programmes. This affects other sectors and hinders long-term development of the country.

Illiteracy And Human Development: Population of a country is termed as it’s human resources. The educated and skilled manpower of a country is it’s great asset. But if the people are illiterate, they become a great burden of the country. Illiteracy people can not contribute much to the social and economical development of the country.

How To recover Illiteracy: As illiteracy is the root cause of all evils,it should be the number one agenda of govt. Though govt. has taken various measures like making primary education free and compulsory, girl’s education up to higher secondary level free and the highest allocation for education in our national budget, still the measures are inadequate Govt. must ensure that the money is being utilized properly and effectively. Govt. need to set up more educational institutions, make reading materials cheap and available and guarantee employment after completing education. Again private sectors, NGOS’ academician and patrons of learning should come forward to spread the light of education in every house. We have also to make our people aware of the importance of education. Media can play a great role in this regard. Reducing of poverty is the most effective way of removing illiteracy from society. So, govt. must work in co-ordination with others to fight poverty and increase literacy rate.

Conclusion: The present illiteracy rate is still high in our county. That is why we are lagging behind in all respects than many other nations. If we want to build a happy and prosperous nation, if we want to stand in honor and dignity among the nations of the world and if we want to develop our living standard and living condition, we must remove illiteracy from the country.


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