Load Shedding Paragraph

Load shedding

Load Shedding Paragraph: The people living in the areas supplied with electricity are quite familiar with the term load-shedding. There is hardly any area which is not affected by load-shedding.

Load-shedding means the discontinuation of supply of electricity.Load-shedding occurs when generation of power is less than the demand and also for unplanned distribution of electricity.

It creates problems of far reaching consequences in the socio-economic development of a country, houses, mills, factories, industries, shops, hospitals all fall a victim to it. The running mills,factories and industries come to a standstill. Failure of electricity hampers productivity. Domestic life becomes painful. The housewives grope in the darkness in the kitchen. The sufferings of the students due to load-shedding beggar description. The patients also suffer terribly for load-shedding. Operations are stopped. The food kept in the refrigerators get rotten. The commodities preserved in cold storage get spoiled.

In fact, load-shedding causes great sufferings to the people and an irreparable loss to the country. The entire life-domestic and industrial comes to a standstill. An all out effort should be made to stop load-shedding.

Alternative Load Shedding Paragraph: #1
Load shedding means the suspension of the supply of electricity for a certain period. It has become a regular affair in our country. Load shedding is caused for different causes. The insufficient production of electricity in our country is the main cause of load shedding. Misuse of electricity is another cause. Illegal connection of electricity is also responsible for load shedding.

On the other hand, government is not sincere to produce electricity in proportion to our demand. So, due to load shedding production of mills and factories decreases. Fresh food preserved in refrigeration gets rotten. Load shedding at night encourage the miscreants in their violent works. It also disturbs the study of students. After all, load shedding affects the economy of our country. So, the authority should establish more plans and power houses to solve this problem. Illegal connection and system loss should also be stopped.

 Alternative Load Shedding Paragraph: #2:

The term “Load Shedding” is familiar with almost everybody in any area. Load shedding is the suspension of electricity on certain lines when the demand is greater than the generation. It is a great curse where people have got used to an electricity-oriented life. Load shedding plunges the city or part of it into darkness and it seems that we are living in village. During summer, load shedding causes unbearable torture on the people.

The only good it does that it gives us chance to see the stars or the moon. It also makes some particular traders happy as they can sell candles and instant power supply machine. The students and the patients are the worst sufferers of load shedding. They sit idly in the dark closing their books.

They suffer terribly owing to load shedding on the night before their examination. Besides, due to load shedding foods kept in the refrigeration get rotten, the commodities preserved in the cold storage get spoil. So, load shedding is a great problem. We want to get rid of this problem. Government should take necessary steps to prevent the load shedding.

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