Modern Technology Paragraph

Technology Paragraph

Technology Paragraph: Present age is the age of science and technology. Modern technology is a great blessing for present civilization. We see the use of modern technology in every sphere of our life. We can’t think of our modern life without science and technology.

Technology is being used in industry, communication, medical treatment, household activities etc. present civilization is the gift of the technology. And use of technology has made our life easy and more comfortable.

Now various things are manufactured by the use of technology. Medicine, cosmetic products, clothes are nothing but the products of modern technology. Radio, television, computer, refrigerator, dish antenna etc. are the gifts of science and technology. These things have made our life enjoyable and comfortable.

Modern technology has turned the world into a global village. With the blessings of mobile phone, internet, television, computer we can know in an instant what is happening in the farthest corner of the world.Β  We can communicate with anyone living at any place in the world within seconds.

Medical technology has advanced to a great extent. It is being used in diagnosing and curing very complex diseases. Sophisticated plane, rocket, ship etc. are the gifts of modern technology.

We are greatly benefited from these things in communication. We use technology in space, sea, mountain, dissert etc. for our benefit and welfare. In our daily life fans, refrigerators etc. have made our life comfortable. By the use of computer various activities are being carried out quickly and accurately.

Sophisticated mills and factories are manufacturing various things very quickly. Technology has made the impossible things possible. With the use of technology now we can find out the lost ships or planes in the deep sea or ocean.

Mobile phone and computer are certainly most wonderful invention of science. Besides communication between person to person, we can enjoy various things on these two wonderful scientific devices. In short,Β  technology seems to be the magical lamp of Aladin. In a word, it is the life and soul of modern civilization.


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