My Daily Routine Paragraph

My Daily Routine Paragraph

Paragraph On My Daily Routine:  Human life is a collection of moments and I use each moments properly. In order to use each moment properly, I always maintain a daily routine.

I get up early in the morning. Then I go out for a walk in the open air. After having my breakfast, I go on with my studies and prepare my homework. Then I have my bath. After bath I take my meals and rest for a while. Then I start for school and reach there at least ten minutes earlier. I sit in the front row so that I can follow my teacher well.

Our school breaks up at 4.30 pm. I come home direct after school hours. Then I go to play with my friends. When the game is over, I come back home at dusk. I wash my hands, feet and face and go to my reading room.

Just before the dinner I enjoy the TV for half an hour. After having my dinner I go to bed at about 11pm. Before going to bed I plan for the next day’s activity. There are the various deeds I do every day.

I like to help my mother in her work. I also like to play with my younger brother and sister. I have a flower garden in our house. I work there everyday. I spend my leisure time there and enjoy the beauty of flowers.

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