My favourite teacher essay

my favourite teacher

Introduction: Mr. Johnson is my favorite teacher. He is our English teacher. He is an M.A. in English. I love him, respect him and like him best. He has left a permanent impression on my mind by his conquering qualities of love and affection,convincing power, high personality and admirable teaching method. He is our friend,
philosopher and guide.

Reasons of my being favorite: Mr. Johnson not only observes dutifulness but also combines in him a number of other qualities. He is endowed with scholarship, love for teaching, capacity to create interest in his subject, inherent earnestness to see his pupils really educated and improved in character. He carries out his responsibilities fully without fear or favour and strictly enforces the rules of study and conduct. For all this these he is disliked at first by some students but before long they change their opinion about him and make themselves diligent,attentive and regular in doing the task assigned by him.

Qualities: Mr. Johnson has many virtues of an ideal man with a high sense of humanity. So he has easily earned the genuine love and admiration of all right-thinking boys. He and his students are bound much by the ties of the same relation as between a father and his sons. He not only teaches but also tends them.That is to say, he is a tutor, a father and a friend to his students. He takes loving care of his students in all matters of importance. As for example, he looks after their education, helps them in distress, gives them his edifying association and always keeps them on the right back. If a boy is backward in his class, he is sure to get help from Mr. Johnson. If any poor boy can not buy a book, he will no doubt get a book from Mr. Johnson. Many a night he spends by the sick bed of ailing students living in the hostel. He checks and reforms a student who may have fallen
in evil company. Such is his love and kindness to students. He never hesitates to borrow money to help a needy boy. But he dislikes people talking about his charities.

Method of teaching: His method of teaching is very easy and lucid. He has a strong,clear and pleasant voice. Everyday he teaches us in a new style. He can make any grammatical problem easy. He knows well how to increase the curiosity of the students. His pronunciation is very good. In his class he creates an English environment. We never feel boring in his class. Rather we feel encouraged in his class. If any student fails to understand any grammatical problem, then he helps the student to understand it.

Conclusion: Mr. Johnson is a born teacher and affectionate friend. He finds delight in working with us both in the classroom and outside. He is always ready to help us in all possible ways. So I appreciate and like him most. Such a teacher is liked not only by me but also by all sensible students.


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