My Mother Paragraph

My Mother Paragraph

My Mother Paragraph:  Mother is the backbone of any nuclear family. Normally a mother manage all family matter besides her household works.

My mother name is Susan. She is a nice looking middle aged woman.  She likes cooking, gardening, going outside and rearing children etc. My mother keeps control of our family.

She gets up early in the morning. After preparing the breakfast, she distributes it among us. Then she accompanies my sister up to school.  She comes to school during the time of breaking of school. My mother guides us in all possible ways. In this way she manages the family.

She is also very affectionate and feels for us highly. She is always anxious about her children. Her only aim is to make use established in future.

She is our friend who helps us to mitigate our problems. My mother spends her pastime by watching television, reading novels and taking care of her garden. She spends most of her in the kitchen. I love my mother very much.

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