Your Favourite Game Essay

Your Favourite Game

Reason of being favourite: My favourite game is football. It gives me great joy. It is not expensive too. Football thrills not only the players but also the spectators. Football is not a game of our country. It is a foreign game. It came from England. But it is popular all over the world. I think the spectators derive much pleasure from football than any other game.

How played: Football is played in an open large field. The ground is 110 to 120 yards long and 70 to 80 yards wide. There are two goal posts at each of the two opposite ends of the field. A bar is tied on the goal posts which is eight feet above from the ground. There are also centre and penalty box. The game is played between two teams. Each team has eleven players. There are a goal keeper, two backs, three half backs and five forwards on each side. The goal keeper and the two backs play on the defensive while the five others lead the attack towards the opposite goal. The half backs play on the defensive and lead the attack also. A ball is placed at the centre. A referee conducts the game. As soon as he whistles, the game starts. Each team attacks the opponent and defends its
own. Each team tries heart and soul to net the ball. The whole game is divided into two equal halves with an interval of ten minutes. At the end of the first half each team changes its side. When a team nets a ball to the opponent’s goal, the players and the supporters of that team are beside themselves with joy. The party that
scores more goal than the other wins the game. There are some hard and fast rules for conducting the game. According to the rules the game is played. The players abide by these rules and show respect to the
decision of the referee.

Merits: Merits of football game are too many to be described. First of all it makes a man strong, healthy and wealthy. It teaches many moral qualities and virtues like obedience, co-operation, discipline, tolerance, punctuality etc.

Demerits: There is no unmixed good on earth. Football has some demerits too. Sometimes the game leads to bitter quarrel. Many students spoil their future career by attaching much importance to football.

Conclusion: In spite of the little demerits, football is my favorite game. Through this game one can learn and acquire many good qualities and virtues of head and heart. A man can also earn a lot through the game.

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